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Tork dispenser napkins bring savings for Copenhagen Zoo

The Tork dispenser napkin system has reduced napkin consumption at Copenhagen Zoo by around 25 per cent.

Managers are delighted with the cost savings they have achieved, and atTork at Copenhagen Zoo the fact that the napkin system supports the zoo’s position as a green and responsible company. Copenhagen Zoo switched its cafés and restaurants over to Tork dispenser napkins in early 2009. Since then overall napkin consumption has been reduced by a quarter.

The zoo’s food outlets consume around one million napkins a year so a 25 per cent reduction makes a major difference. Food and beverage manager Pia Holmegaard said: “Naturally we are happy with the savings, but we are also pleased that we are able to do something for the environment.

 “We are constantly thinking in terms of the environment which is why we are always looking for suppliers who can deliver green and sustainable products. We wish to strengthen our green image and these products help us communicate the message to our customers that we work for a healthy and sustainable environment.”

Tork product manager Nicholas Bjergbakke added: “We guarantee a 25 per cent reduction of napkin consumption with our napkin system. Obviously this results in cash savings, but it is also a benefit for the environment since our customers reduce the amount of waste they generate.”

Founded in 1859, Copenhagen Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. With 1,161,388 visitors in 2008 it is also the most visited zoo and the fourth most visited attraction in Denmark.

"Naturally we are happy with the savings, but we are also pleased that we are able to do something for the environment."
Pia Holmegaard
Copenhagen Zoo

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