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Environmentally-friendly fast-food chain chooses Tork

Tork dispenser napkins are the system of choice for Sweden’s environmentally-friendly fast-food chain Max.

The fact that the system gives out only one napkin at a time helps to minimise over-consumption and waste.

“We try to generate as little waste as possible in all areas,” said Richard MAX CEO Richard BergforsBergfors, CEO for Max. “With our old dispensers it was easy for the customer to take too many napkins whether they wanted them or not.”

Max claims to have reduced waste to less than two per cent across the board at its 70 outlets nationwide. This figure compares favourably with the average household where an estimated 25 per cent of food is thrown away.

One practice that has helped the company reduce food waste is its policy of cooking hamburgers to order.

“Our competitors prepare hamburgers beforehand, then keep them warm,” said Richard. “The ones that are not sold are later thrown away. We on the other hand serve everything we prepare and try not to allow our ingredients to pass their expiry date.”

Max claims to be unique within the industry by compensating for carbon dioxide emissions generated by its own operations and those of its suppliers.

Beef is said to be a large contributor to the greenhouse effect, and hamburgers are estimated to account for 70 per cent of Max’s carbon dioxide emissions. All items on the chain’s menu are therefore labelled to demonstrate to customers how much carbon dioxide they have generated.  The customer can then make an informed choice between beef, fish, chicken and vegetarian options.

Meanwhile the company is offsetting carbon dioxide emissions is by arranging for around 89 000 trees to be planted in Africa per year. “The goal is to become totally climate neutral, but this will take a long time,” said Richard.

The next step is to co-operate with Swedish farmers, LRF and svenska sigill to find farming solutions with a lower environmental impact.

All Max restaurants operate on wind power; company cars are Max hamburgerenvironmentally-friendly and all purchasing decisions are made with the environment in mind.
According to customer research, Max is Sweden’s highest-rated hamburger restaurant in terms of customer satisfaction.

"The fact that the system gives out only one napkin at a time helps to minimise over-consumption and waste."